5 Changes that Can Make a big Difference in your Home

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5 Changes that can make a big difference in your home – the inexpensive way


  1. Declutter – If you can't afford to do anything, undo it.  We are all borderline hoarders and we have created so much excess and we know someone else could use it.  Donate it and get a tax deduction.
  2. Paint –  Paint is the 2nd easiest thing to do but make sure you prepare better than I do.  Go to Google images or Pinterest and if you don't see your color scheme it means you probably need one.
  3. Make the most of unused space – We moved to an apartment for the first time 2 years ago and I have become the queen of finding space savers at Homegoods.  Check Pinterest and go online.  There are some wonderful space savers out there including for the laundry.
  4. Organize your garage walls – I knew a lady who lived in a house on a slab and her garage walls were the best storage ideas you have ever seen.  If you are a woman reading this we need to stop shopping at T.J. Maxx for a minute and give Lowe's a chance.  Do a custom wall or buy shelves.  Getting things off the floor can really open up a space.  My brother in law has a garage where you could eat off the floors.  Every Christmas when my sister was preparing the house for guests he was cleaning the garage.
  5. Get a closet organization system – they come in many shapes and sizes.  Baskets also work well.  Martha Stewart says to hang all your clothes backward and then when you hang up the things your using, donate the rest after one year if you have not used it.
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